1. A member is an entity, who previously purchased, or register, with the purpose to buy, from ONE WAY DIRECT SALES cc./li>

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Username: The email address last confirmed for purchase
PIN can be requested, or searched for, in your mail inbox, or Spam or Junkmail folder, received from admin@tradingsite.co.za


  1. Members benefit by buying at special group discounts, depending on order volume.
  2. Members benefit by buying higher quantities, at better prices, with the purpose to save more, and / or resell the items, and make a profit.
  3. One Way Direct's prices are subject to change, and availability, from our suppliers. An invoice, for payment, will only be generated, as instruction to pay, when the product is available, at the price indicated.
  4. If the volumetric calculation of the parcel, is higher than the mass calculation, the client is liable for the higher shipping cost.
  5. A text message will be send to the mobile number you provided, when the order is confirmed.
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