About Us

One way direct is a wholesale distribution company. We source the best quality products locally and abroad. One way direct negotiates discounts with suppliers and passes the benefits onto our members. Our range has grown vastly to accommodate anybody seeking high quality products at the best possible prices. With lower prices One way direct creates opportunity for members to become representatives to retailers. We supply health professional, schools, or individuals. Our quality and service, bring corporate groups as members, as the benefit of big savings, and quality control, is a great reward to our buyers.


As our members can also resell our products to the public as part of our empowerment and upliftment opportunity, this is a great source of supply, and income, to some households.


Our product list includes supplies to hospitals, mines, corporate groups, and general households. From cleaning and hygiene products to guilt free snacking products, are directly available to all.


We also bring you unique products like Clustered water, home freestyle exercise tools, like ONE 3D Gravity trainer, and home or commercial gym equipment. Hormone free, free range game biltong and fresh produce available, as part of our healthy recommendationís shopping list, to simplify your lunch box. See our baby products, and clothing selection, including haute coutier designer wear. Other fine selections, include shoes, sportswear, sunglasses, backpacking and outdoor products, as well as electronic, and therapeutic equipment.


The future of sales and personal wealth is brought to you , online, by One way direct.

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